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Lw 2010 - The 4th Aluminum Profile Technology Seminar and Exposition

December 4-5, 2010

ThemeSustained development of China’s aluminum extrusion capabilities and broadening of aluminum extrusion applications

The event was held at the time when the global aluminum industry as well asChina’s aluminum industry was faced with serious challenges after the economic downturn in 2008 and 2009. The timing of the event was perfect in the sense thatChinawas about to enter a new period of the five-year plan (2011-2015). Reaching the targets set for this period will present tremendous opportunities for the growth of the domestic market of aluminum products.

Officials fromChina’s Non-Ferrous Metals Association and other organizations attended the opening ceremony and give plenary presentations. It was made clear that challenges and opportunities coexisted inChina’s aluminum extrusion industry and upgrading products and technology would be the key to the success.

Nearly 200 papers were collected in the conference proceedings. Among these papers are:

- China’s macro economic policies today and its impact on the developments ofChina’s aluminum industry – Wudan Zhao

- Development ofChina’s aluminum industry in low-carbon economy – Xiufeng Lin

- Characteristics of the development of a modern aluminum extrusion industry and new trends in extrusion technology development - Jingan Liu

- New characteristics of the development ofChina’s aluminum extrusion industry – Chunming Dong, Dengwen Wang

- Automatic welding technology applied to aluminum vehicle body construction and its impact onChina’s future rail vehicle manufacturing technology – Yanjin Wang

- Applications of aluminum alloys in automobiles and development trends - Bowen Changhai

- Current applications of aluminum alloys in bridge structures, existing problems and prospects for development - Changhua Yao

- Aluminum alloys as structural materials and their developments – Deqin Sun

- Discussion on the current development of aluminum extrusion technology - Yuxi Guo

- Development of casting technology for the production of aluminum extrusion billets inTaiwan– Zhaocong Wen

- Application of two-stage filter systems for particle removal from exhaust gases at high temperature in aluminum melting plants - Xingyun Wang, Jian Liu

- Effects of variables on the costs and product quality consistency of aluminum profile manufacturing using medium- and large-tonnage extrusion presses - Gang Han

- R&D and applications of aluminum alloy extrusions in load-bearing structures of automobiles for light weighting – Gang Wang, Weizhong Zhu

- Research on isothermal extrusion technology and required equipment – Zhiqi Huan

- Grain sizes in 7050 alloy formed during extrusion and predicted using DEFORM-3D - Qingyuan Li, Wei Gu

- Effect of mandrel angle on tube wall thickness variation after expansion determined by using computer simulation - Xiaoming Deng

- Finite element simulation of extrusion to produce large complex aluminum profiles and optimize the designs of die structures - Youfeng He, Shuisheng Xie

- Simulation of metal flow in the welding chamber during extrusion through hollow dies -

Chidong Tan, Jianyi Pan

- 3D finite element analysis of stresses fields in rectangular extrusion containers Liwei Wang, Yuxi Guo

- Design and analysis of multi-hole extrusion diesJie Cao, Jianyi Pan

- Engineering application of online quench to aluminum extrusions - Yingxin Wang

- Application of electrolytic gold-purple coloring technology to 6063 architectural profiles Gaofeng Ou

- Current situation of silanization surface treatment technology applied to aluminum alloys - Xiaoqin Zhang

- Role of solar photovoltaic buildings in industrial revolution triggered by new sources of energy – China Construction Metal Structure Association

- Delicacy management and development ofChina’s aluminum recycling industry - Xiaodong Yuan

- Analysis of the technologies for the recycling of aluminum scrap - Xianwen He

- Challenges faced byChina’s aluminum extrusion – views of western experts – J. Zhou

- Taper quenching – D.R. Jenista

- Automatic closed loop control comes of age for aluminum extrusion – T. Larrick, B. Barron

- Thermal management practices for aluminum extrusion – B. Barron, T. Larrick

- The ultimate extrusion tooling system for maximum ram speed and minimum downtime - P. Robbins

- Application of HyperXtrude in aluminum extrusion – Wei Qi, shenchang Zen, Qingquan Hong

- Nickel-free low-temperature sealing technology for anodized aluminum - Xiaoshan Wan, Shuqing Shan

- Solar reflective powder coatings: black as cool as white – R. Frankland

- Energy saving - status quo and future trends – H. Schattschneider

- Window, facade and door maintenance and repairing – cleaning of organic coated metal components – M. Mueller

- New horizons on extrusion data analysis – M. Bertoletti

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