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Lw 2007 - The 3rd Aluminum Profile Technology Seminar and Exposition

August 6-8, 2007

ThemeImprovement of the capabilities of China’s aluminum extrusion industry and broadening of the applications of aluminum extrusions

The 2007 event was of particular significance, since 2007 marked the 55th year anniversary of Northeast Light Metal Company Limited and also the beginning of the rise ofChina’s aluminum industry after the founding of the People’s Republic ofChinain 1949. High-ranking government officials and guests attended the opening ceremony and some delivered speeches to encourage the attendees of the event to contribute towards a stronger aluminum extrusion industry inChina.

The number of contributing papers reached a record high; a total of 213 papers were accepted for publication in the conference proceedings. The following are a list of selected paper titles:

- Major technological innovations along with the development ofChina’s aluminum industry – Jue Zhong

- Join hands to developChina’s aluminum extrusion industry further – Zitao Wang

- 55 years ofChina’s aluminum extrusion industry – Zitao Wang

- Directions of the further development ofChina’s aluminum window, door and curtain wall industry – Qi Huang

- Application of extruded, flat-rolled and cast aluminum products in vehicles - Yanjin Wang

- Current situation of aluminum extrusion applications in ground vehicles - Yuanzhao Liu

- Market analysis and predictions of aluminum extrusions for automotive applications – Chunming Dong

- Current situation and problems related to the application of aluminum extrusions in building and construction – Jiyan Lu

- Aluminum extrusion market and developments in extrusion and tooling technologies - Shaoqiang Zhang

- 100 MN double-action short-stroke extrusion press – the first of its kind in the world – Yuxi Guo

- Current status and development trends in the manufacturing of aluminum and aluminum alloy extrusions - Jun Wei

- Key technologies in advanced processes and equipment to produce large aluminum profiles - Jun Zhang, Bingtao Han

- Electromagnetic property modifications of aluminum alloys – Xingguo Zhang

- Hot-forming behavior and mechanical properties of 6013 aluminum alloy - Danqing Yi

- Environmentally friendly methods for the melting of aluminum alloys – Dongjie He, Guiming Lu

- Design and application of new large-tonnage holding furnaces with hydraulic tilting systems - Tongjie Li

- Semi-solid casting of SiCp/6063 aluminum matrix composites under gas protection – Donghui Wen, Deqin Sun

- The latest development of squeeze casting technology – Pixiang Qi

- Application of electromagnetic stirring in aluminum recycling – Dong An

- Hydrogen removal from aluminum and aluminum alloy melt and hydrogen detection – Changzhen Wang

- Phase transformation of 7B04 ultra high strength aluminum alloy during homogenization treatment - Niankui Li, Jianzhong Cui

- Application of regenerative high-temperature air combustion technology in aluminum melting furnaces – Tongjie Li

- Effect of process parameters on the microstructure and mechanical properties of medium- and high-strength aluminum alloys - Zhenguo Xiong

- Hot peeling of cast billets for indirect extrusion - Xiaoming Deng

- Examples of protective die and spread die designs for small-tonnage extrusion presses – Jing Zou

- Dynamic technological support to the application of extrusion dies - Gang Han

- Design and manufacturing of dies for aluminum radiator heat sinkers – Zhiyong Li

- Numerical simulation of extrusion to produce 1633 aluminum alloy hollow profiles and virtual die trials – Gaoyong Lin and Guanfa Huang

- Processes to produce wide profiles for the luggage racks of luxury coaches – Fenlu Li

- Applications and capabilities of DEFORM 3D software in the simulation of the aluminum extrusion process - Gang Liu, J. Zhou, J. Duszczyk, Gang Fang

- Control of exit temperature during hot extrusion based on numerical simulation – Luoxing Li

- Factors affecting the lifespan of extrusion dies and countermeasures - Buyin Chen, Changyi Wang

- Design of rectangular extrusion containers – Yongjing Xue

- Sulphuric acid anodizing and coloring for aluminum extrusions – a method combining anodizing with electrolytic coloring – Weipeng Deng

- Chromium-free electrolytic polishing of aluminum alloys - Xiaowu Hu

- Wood-graining electrolytic coloring of aluminum alloys – Lida Zhang

- Electrophoresis technology for aluminum extrusions – Hongwei Shi

- Treatment of chromium-containing waste water related to aluminum profile manufacturing - Zheng Wang, Xiaole Wang

- Water treatment related to surface treatment of extruded aluminum – Yong Yan

- Directions of the developments of new aluminum alloys for architectural applications and thermal-barrier profiles inChina- Dali Wang

- Influence of pretreatment and extruded alloy quality on salt mist resistance of aluminum extrusions after powder spray – Sumei Chen

- Application of LARS in aluminum recycling – Xiyan Liu, Gaoyong Lin, Dashu Pen

- State of the art extrusion plant from cast house to packing – D. Menzler

- Progressive quenching: a new approach to distortion control – D. Jenista

- Liquid metal furnaces for aluminum plants – Oliver Moos

- Development in the manufacture of curved extruded profiles - A. Klaus

- Castool tooling systems – the myth of the perfect die – P. Robbins

- Shrinkage allowance in solid die design – H. Hamzah

- Application of tool steels and special alloys in extrusion tooling - W. Kortmann

- The Chinese aluminum extrusion industry – the perspectives of western experts – J. Zhou

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